Sherry Drysdale


Sherry Drysdale has been committed to helping her community by volunteering at many things.  Passionate about community service, she has been an unwavering volunteer, contributing her time and efforts to various causes. 

Sherry’s love for horses is not just a hobby – it’s a way of life.  As a proud owner of several horses, she finds solace and joy in the equestrian world.  Beyond the stables, she has completed her Business Administration Degree and pursued further studies towards a CGA designation.  Her accounting journey has taken her through diverse landscapes, from small one-person offices to prominent roles in large corporations.

Her commitment to both her professional and personal communities is exemplified by her significant role in the World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA).  She established a benevolent fund for the drivers and outriders spearheading a fundraising effort that resulted in approximately $100,000.00 in donations after just three years. 

Despite facing health challenges, Sherry approached the healthcare system with resilience and determination.  Having personally witnessed the efficiency of well-run medical facilities during visits to the Mayo Clinics in the USA, she envisions a similar model in Canada to enhance patient care.  Sherry’s experiences have fueled her desire to improve the medical system, ensuring that others can navigate it with greater ease and receive the care they deserve.