About Maskwa Medical Center

Maskwa is an innovative, Alberta based, not-for-profit registered charity committed to accelerating the process and improving access to medical specialists and services for the people of the Peace Region.

How We Started

In 2018, the movement that would become the Maskwa Medical Center was officially launched, yet its roots can be traced back to a pivotal moment in 2008. It was then that Ken Drysdale and his wife faced a harrowing prognosis: she was given four to six months to live. Despite their long battle with cancer since 2002, this news from an Alberta Cancer specialist was a devastating blow. Unwilling to accept this without exploring every possible avenue, Drysdale reached out to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, which quickly redirected them to their Rochester, Minnesota facility.

Upon their arrival at the Mayo Clinic, the Drysdales were immediately struck by the stark differences in healthcare delivery. The clinic’s welcoming and efficient approach was a breath of fresh air in the often impersonal healthcare landscape. This was a place where teamwork and collaborative diagnostics were not just practiced but exemplified. The corrected prognosis they received there, which contradicted the initial dire outlook, brought immense relief but also sparked a critical realization in Drysdale: the power of a collaborative, team-based approach to healthcare.

Motivated by their experiences, including a similarly impactful visit in 2017, Drysdale was driven to create a change in Alberta. This led to the formation of the Maskwa Medical Center, with the goal of introducing a team-based diagnostic clinic to Grande Prairie. This initiative aimed to improve access to specialists and facilitate the early diagnosis of complex conditions. Choosing the name “Maskwa,” which reflects a deep respect for the diverse Indigenous communities and Treaty 8 territories of NW Alberta, the center embodies a commitment to healing, shared knowledge, and a collaborative spirit in healthcare.

Ken Drysdale’s journey from confronting a personal crisis to spearheading the Maskwa Medical Center encapsulates more than his individual story. It represents a vision for the future of healthcare—a future where patient-centered, collaborative care is accessible to all, honoring the legacy and aspirations of the communities it serves.

Our Values

Fully Funded Services

There will be NO FEES charged to patients.
Maskwa Medical Center will operate as a publicly funded, not-for-profit medical facility under an innovative arrangement with the Government of Alberta.

Available for all

We provide publicly funded diagnostic and treatment planning services for all people in the region, regardless of their circumstances.


We welcome and respect people of all cultures.


Patients will be able to go through what can be highly stressful diagnostic and treatment planning processes close to home with the support of family and others in their communities.


We have strong, collaborative relationships with other healthcare providers and support broader regional goals.


We will always strive toward continuous improvement in diagnosis and treatment planning, learning from the best in the world to get the best outcomes for our patients and their families.


We partner with approved health security firms to use innovative technology to connect with the best medical experts, our patients and their family physician, the privacy of information is a priority with the Maskwa Diagnostic Clinic Team.


We are accountable to our patients, their family physicians, and others in the health system for improving access to specialists for diagnosis and treatment planning.


We are a force for change, not only in the region, but in northern parts of Western Canada by being an inspiring example of excellence in patient-centered diagnostics and treatment planning.