Maskwa Specialist Diagnostic Clinic

Improving the quality of life & changing health outcomes for Northwestern Alberta.

Who we are

The Maskwa Specialist Diagnostic Clinic will be a leading medical clinic in Alberta, Canada for the diagnosis of medical conditions that are complex and difficult to diagnose.

The clinic vows to be innovative and recognized for the compassionate support it will provide to patients and their families during the diagnostic process and its collaboration with other medical specialists. It will bring together top specialists and subspecialists from across the province to provide timely diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with complex medical conditions or diseases that can be difficult to diagnose.

Why we matter

Maskwa Specialist Diagnostic Clinic will reduce the burden on patients and their families of prolonged uncertainty around diagnosis and the need for costly, disruptive, and time-consuming trips to larger urban centers to access specialist diagnostic expertise.

By shortening the time to get a correct diagnosis, the Center will contribute to improved health outcomes and quality of life for patients, their families, and cost savings for both the families and Alberta’s health system.

Improving the Healthcare Journey In The Northern Region

Maskwa Specialist Diagnostic Clinic is proud to work in partnership to better support integration across the continuum of patient care and support patients along their respective health pathways.

Diagnosis and treatment plan development Partners

Using virtual conferencing technology from across the province, Maskwa staff members can connect with panels of specialists for complicated conditions or concerning symptoms.

These panels will give focused attention to each case, drawing upon each other’s expertise and experience to diagnose patients and identify treatment options as quickly as possible. The involvement of top specialists working together on a patient’s diagnosis will increase patient confidence in their diagnosis, reducing the likelihood that they will feel a need to seek a second (or third) opinion.

Physicians: Diagnosis Partners

Through referrals and a collaborative team approach, Physicians will work closely with the Maskwa Diagnostic Clinic to put their patients first and get timely access to diagnosis and treatment plan development on a collaborative basis.

Working together with Physicians, the Maskwa Diagnostic Clinic will be finding ways to improve the case workload and hours worked for medical staff to improve their quality of life in the region.

Partnering Local

Increasing opportunity for local medical professionals and Alberta Health Services by working closely with local medical professionals and services, such as Peace Diagnostic Imaging and Shift Imaging, Maskwa enables better healthcare experiences for all by ridding delays in access.

Access through the Center will allow local medical professionals the opportunity to expand their expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of complex or less common medical conditions or diseases. Family physicians will have opportunities to learn about the diagnostic approaches their patients’ specialist panels take and be part of their patients’ treatment planning and implementation.