Maskwa Medical Centre Launches Capital Campaign to Revolutionize Healthcare in Northwestern Alberta

Grande Prairie, Alberta – May 1, 2024 – The Maskwa Medical Center Board of Directors is proud to announce the official commencement of a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing healthcare accessibility and outcomes across northwestern Alberta.

In the wake of the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing between Northwestern Polytechnic and the University of Alberta, the Board is excited to unveil a community-driven endeavor. This project will see the development of a cutting-edge facility spanning 100,000 square feet, meticulously designed not only to educate future medical professionals but also to offer comprehensive services including daycare facilities, holistic healthcare services, and dining amenities. Of particular significance is the diagnostic area, poised to streamline and elevate the experience of individuals in need of urgent medical assessments.

With a commitment to excellence, the capital campaign sets an ambitious target of $35 million to realize the first phase of this visionary project by 2026. Ken Drysdale, Chairman of Maskwa Medical Center, expresses gratitude for the overwhelming community support received thus far, highlighting the region’s unwavering spirit and generosity. He asserts, “The enthusiasm and backing from our community propel us toward achieving our ambitious goal. As a community, we will build this facility, and ensure that it’s operating at its full capacity to serve our region.”

Local municipalities have shown their support for the project, each with $500,000 injections.  The City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie, and MD of Greenview have each made the contribution, recognizing the importance of this Center for their ratepayers.  Engagement with other municipalities across the region is planned as the capital campaign moves forward.

City of Grande Prairie Council and Maskwa Medical Center Board Members
“Healthcare has been and continues to be one of Council’s top advocacy priorities. Maskwa Medical Centre is a testament to this region’s commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of our communities. This state-of-the-art facility will not only provide accessible, high-quality medical services but also attract healthcare professionals who are eager to make a difference.”
CIty of Grande Prairie
“Recent partnership opportunities presented to the Maskwa board by the University of Alberta Faculty of Family Medicine along with the Government of Alberta announcements for the support of our Post-Secondary Institution, Northwestern Polytechnic, we see Maskwa being instrumental in not only access but also helping to solve the shortage of family doctors in our northern communities”
County of Grande Prairie
County of Grande Prairie Council and Maskwa Medical Center Board Members
M.D. of Greenview Council and Maskwa Medical Center Board Members
"Greenview Council firmly believes that ensuring access to vital healthcare resources for residents in Northern Alberta is crucial. Our support for the Maskwa Medical Clinic illustrates our dedication to ensuring essential healthcare resources are readily accessible to all our residents"
M.D. of Greenview

With nearly $2 million already raised for the campaign, and the MOU already signed, Maskwa Medical Center is in the ready position to invite the community to build a new vision for healthcare.  Drysdale adds, “There are too many stories where a diagnosis took too long, or a loved one had to endure a painful process to receive proper treatment.  Our health is key to our quality of life.  Maskwa will be able to connect people to specialists quickly and create a tailor-made medical team to best action the problem.  Our northern Albertan residents deserve this type of access, and our community is ready to make it happen!”

In collaboration with the Northwestern Alberta Foundation (NAF), Maskwa Medical Center is determined to make community contributions simple and safe through NAF’s online portal and systems, leveraging their established infrastructure and credibility. Laura LaValley, CEO of NAF, underscores the significance of this partnership as an extension of their commitment to community outreach, affirming, “We are privileged to join forces on this pivotal endeavor for the people of Northwestern Alberta. Our role as facilitators of the community support is important, and we are eager to work with donors and the Maskwa team to this important goal.”

Maskwa Medical Center is pleased to launch their newly designed website to fully inform the community about the project and keep people updated with its progress. directly links to the Northwestern Alberta Foundation to make donations specifically for the project.  Donors can also visit to make their contributions and receive a tax receipt.

Media inquiries:

Ken Drysdale, Chair
Maskwa Medical Centre
C: 780-831-0796

Laura LaValley, CEO
Northwestern Alberta Foundation
P: 780-538-2820 C: 780-814-3113

About Maskwa Medical Center:

Maskwa Medical Center is dedicated to advancing healthcare standards and accessibility in northwestern Alberta. Committed to innovation and community collaboration, the Center aims to provide comprehensive medical services while nurturing future healthcare leaders through education and training.

About Northwestern Alberta Foundation (NAF):

NAF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Northwestern Alberta through philanthropy and community initiatives. With a focus on fostering sustainable development and social welfare, NAF partners with stakeholders to address pressing regional challenges and promote inclusive growth.

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